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Q & A

Q.  How much do you charge?
A.    The minimum charge for on-site balloon decorating is $200.00.  When planning for your 
        celebration, please keep in mind that the average birthday party ranges from $300 - $400. 
                                To request a quote for your event, click here.
                                To view our Balloon Decor Price List, click here.  

Q.  What payments do you accept?

A.       We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cash, payments through PayPal, and checks.*                     *Call for details.

** Taxes: 6% sales tax will be applied to all orders sold/delivered in PA.  

 Q.  Will you remove/discard the decorations at the end of my event?
A.       The customer is responsible for removal of decorations at the end of their event unless we are hired
           for tear-down service. 

Q.  Do you deliver?
A.    Yes, we deliver.  Please call for fee details. 

Q.  How long will the decorations last?
A.    Balloons are by nature, temporary products.  If filled with air, they will last from days to weeks.
         If filled with helium, they will last about 8 - 12 hours.  We offer a product that will extend the float time
         to 2 days or longer.


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