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Stuffed Balloon Gifts

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What could be more fun than receiving a gift? The excitement of popping a balloon to unwrap it! Stuffed balloon gifts are a unique and distinctive way to wrap a gift!    

How it works: 

Almost any item that can be stuffed through a 5 1/2 inch opening can be wrapped in a balloon. You bring us your gift to be stuffed, or you can choose from our selection of gift items. Take a look at our samples for ideas. Prices starting at $25.00 and up.

Smiley Guy/Girl Birthday

Approx. 3ft tall with crinkle shred, balloons and assorted chocolates added to the body. Yummy! Girl will have balloon hair bow. Sale Price $40 plus tax.

Celebration POP Balloon

Filled with colorful balloons and confetti. Great for any celebration! $25.00

British Pup

Fundraiser to benefit pet adoptions.

Mother to-be Bear

It's a Boy!

It's a Boy Baby Bear

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